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January 2021 Newsletter

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for what this new year brings.

I'm sure we are all hoping for this virus to settle down to a much more manageable problem or maybe just go away! I'm sure sick and tired of it!

I have thought that it would be nice to have little bites of information or techniques once-in-awhile. So, this month's tip can be found on my website but who reads all that fine print??? LOL

Tip of the Month: If you have a quilt with seams on the outer edges (like a pieced border or a quilt without a border), it is a good idea to top-stitch all the way around the quilt so that the seams don't come unsewn or or the edges fray. When the quilt is put on the frame, it is really easy for those seams on the edge to come un-stitched. I try very hard to keep that from happening but occasionally it just happens! (It's also a good idea to do this on a pieced back.)

I am looking forward to quilting your creations this year!