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the Bear Foot Quilter

About Me

Hello there! My name is Carrie Casto and I'm a quilter.

I began sewing on my grandmother's lap and continued through my adolescence with my mother's guidance. I sewed most of my own clothes and gifts for years. When a friend encouraged me to join her on a quilt retreat, I was hooked. Three boys, a sporadic teaching career, and 20 years traveling on the Marine Corps dime led us back to Maryland. I joined a quilt guild and haven't let up since.

I was offered a job in a lovely quilt shop where I had shopped and rented long arm time. I quickly began quilting for customers at the shop and teaching classes. Soon, I knew where my next job was going to be - at home quilting on my own long arm machine and teaching classes when I could! Paul and I moved across the country where I set up shop. We are now living in the quaint town of Prescott, Arizona and I spend the days in my beautiful studio. Come visit!

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